We Test to Save Lives.

A higher standard in Shooter Attack Testing

Filti is the Leader in Shooter Attack Testing.

Filti Testing & Development has created a higher test standard that will save lives from an active shooter attack. Our independent, rigorous, engineered testing process helps ensure that your products align with applicable requirements and expectations.

The Shooter Attack Test method was created by Subject Matter Experts in active shooter, physical security, and counter-terrorism that are former military, special forces, SWAT, and Federal law enforcement. They test the integrity of products to protect from an attacker with a gun. 

The Shooter Attack Test method is the only test on the market that combines shooting specimens and then attacking them with a MEASURABLE amount of force.  The door and hardware industry has utilized battering rams to measure the amount of force a door and hardware can withstand in their Attack Resistant Certifications. The Shooter Attack Test has now added shooting the specimen before it is hit with a battering ram. Our test shows the true integrity of your products and how they can protect people from an attacker with a gun. 


This Shooter Attack Test method is 3rd Party Tested and certified by the NSSPA for protection against active shooter attacks.

Independent testing from experts you can trust.